BC baby who put spiny caterpillar in mouth recovering well after treatment

first_imgNANAIMO, B.C. – An eight-month-old baby who put a spiny caterpillar in her mouth between munching on cookies is recovering in Nanaimo, B.C.Krystal Dawn Pavan said she and her daughter Kenzie Pyne were on their back deck when she started wailing last Thursday.Pavan said she assumed her daughter was cranky about nap time, until she tried to give her a bottle and noticed black marks in her mouth that looked like electrical burns.She rushed Kenzie to hospital, where doctors and nurses determined it was a caterpillar.“This caterpillar must have crawled out from my patio chair or something while she was sitting in front of me playing, decided to pick it up and pop it in her mouth,” Pavan told The Canadian Press in a Facebook message. “She was eating an Arrowroot cookie at the time so I didn’t notice any other objects around for her to possibly get a hold of.”Kenzie was transferred to a hospital in Victoria, where she was sedated so doctors could pluck the spines from her tongue and the inside of her cheek, she said.The little girl is back in high spirits and recovering well, Pavan said.She believes the caterpillar was a silver-spotted tiger moth, which has stinging hairs that can cause a burning sensation or rash in sensitive people.Claudia Copley, entomology collections manager for the Royal B.C. Museum, said she couldn’t confirm the species but that wooly caterpillars have spines to deter predators from eating them.“I know when you’re a baby you can’t help it, but this is a very unusual circumstance,” she said.In about 20 years of entomology work, Copley said she has never heard of a wooly caterpillar harming anyone, adding they can typically walk along someone’s finger without issues because they aren’t threatened.Copley gets lots of queries at this time of year about silver-spotted tiger moth caterpillars, which people notice because of their eyes, their large size and bright colours.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. A previous version incorrectly reported caterpillar was venomouslast_img read more

Bird flu could have spread among two humans WHO reports

Dr. Klaus Stöhr, who is leading WHO’s response to the epidemic, described how at the end of last year, a family in Viet Nam had been cooking for a wedding party. The husband and one of his sisters prepared a duck on 3 January, and he fell sick on 6 January. Subsequently, the sister who prepared the duck with him also became ill, as did another sister who lived in the household as well as the husband’s wife.Lab samples from these cases were limited to only the two sisters, and so far, “what we found was that there was no other explanation for the case in one of the sisters and the wife, so we have to assume there may have been some human-to-human transmission,” Dr. Stöhr told a press briefing.While not ruling out the spread among people, he stressed that “This virus has not changed its characteristic epidemiological behaviour.”The latest developments, he said in response to questions, did not ratchet up WHO concern. “There is no further increase in the level of preparedness,” he noted. “We are still at pandemic phase zero – we have no pandemic.”“This small cluster which we cannot fully understand, we can consider this as an epidemiological anomaly perhaps, which we only bring up and investigate in the absence of another better explanation,” he stressed.“The thing is still in the box, it hasn’t come out,” he said. “If we sit on the lid, it will stay there, and we still have that window of opportunity open and nothing has changed in comparison to last week.” Asked about pandemic scenarios, he said it was possible that the virus would gradually mutate, changing characteristics so that it would be able to spread among humans rather than just from birds to humans.“The other way these viruses could perhaps obtain the genetic information for that human-to-human transmission possibility is by re-assortment,” he said, explaining that the avian viruses “perhaps would multiply in a cell while at the same time, human influenza viruses would exist and then the genetic information would be mixed.” Those new viruses would contain both the genetic information of the human influenza as well as the avian influenza virus. That would be “a more rapid step,” he added.Another scenario would be that “the avian virus would gradually change over time and then we would have a gradual increase in human-to-human transmission.” read more

Despite relative calm UNpatrolled separation zone in Côte dIvoire reported tense

UN peacekeepers continued to patrol sensitive areas in Abidjan, the largest city, to pre-empt any security risks to civilians 10 days after anti-French rioting and ethnic clashes erupted when French troops destroyed the Government’s air force in reprisal for the deadly bombing of French peacekeepers in the ZOC. With looters rampaging though Abidjan in the following days and harassing expatriates, thousands of Ivorians and foreigners, mainly French, have fled the country since 4 November, when government forces unleashed the latest crisis by attacking the northern rebels in violation of a nearly two-year-old ceasefire agreement. The UN Operation in Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI), set up in April to monitor the ceasefire and help implement peace accords signed in January 2003, said today no international radio stations had been allowed to resume broadcasts and no opposition newspapers had reappeared, with the Government holding a monopoly over the media. The mission reported yesterday that hate broadcasts that had raised the spectre of further ethnic violence had given way to calls for restraint and a return to work, after the UN adviser on the prevention of genocide had warned that the situation could be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Today, UNOCI said that while official reaction to Monday’s Security Council resolution, imposing an immediate arms embargo and giving the parties one month to get the peace process back on track or face a travel ban and a freeze on their assets, has been a resolute desire to comply, these messages are interspersed with calls for the Young Patriot militants to remain mobilized. UNOCI Radio, meanwhile, is broadcasting peace messages, along with features and interviews on the economic and humanitarian effects of the crisis. In the rebel-held north, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported that all checkpoints in Bouaké, the main city, had been dismantled and that electricity was re-established Monday night. Prices of basic food items have increased and fuel has skyrocketed by 100 per cent. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has distributed food for about 2,000 people in two orphanages and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has provided fuel to health centres to ensure that the cold chain for vaccines is not affected by the erratic supply of electricity. read more

Security Council endorses efforts to strengthen fight against terrorism

In a presidential statement read by the United Kingdom’s Deputy Permanent Representative Adam Thomson, the 15-member Council said it had reviewed its worldwide anti-terrorism effort, as carried out by the committee’s new Executive Directorate, and reaffirmed that “terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security, and that any acts of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of their motivation, wherever, whenever and by whomsoever committed.”After its closed-door review of the Committee’s report, the Council also noted that the Executive Directorate had only been fully staffed since 6 September and had only become operational last week. It welcomed the directorate’s start on its revitalization priorities.In March of last year, the Council said the Directorate would be responsible for such tasks as supporting and advising the Plenary (composed of the Security Council’s members and the Committee chairperson), ensuring the comprehensive follow-up of all of the Committee’s decisions, facilitating assistance to Member States, and supervising the collection of all relevant information. read more

US growth slows to 19 per cent annual rate in JanuaryMarch period

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by News Staff Posted May 31, 2012 10:17 am MDT WASHINGTON – The U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of 1.9 per cent in the first three months of the year, slower than first estimated.The Commerce Department on Thursday lowered its estimate for January-March growth from an initial estimate of 2.2 per cent. The downward revision was largely because consumers and governments spent less than first estimated, businesses restocked more slowly, and the U.S. trade deficit grew sharply.Analysts believe the economy is growing at a slightly faster rate this spring. They estimate growth at an annual rate of between 2 per cent and 2.5 per cent in the April-June quarter. Many expect the economy will maintain that pace for all of 2012, an improvement from last year’s 1.7 per cent growth.Still, growth of 2.5 per cent is typically enough just to keep pace with population changes. Most economists say it takes almost twice as much growth to lower the unemployment rate by 1 percentage point over a year.The government offers three estimates for gross domestic product. GDP is the output of all goods and services, which includes everything from haircuts and coffee to airplanes and appliances.A rising trade deficit slows growth because the country is spending more on foreign-made products than it is taking in from sales of U.S.-made goods. Less restocking means companies ordered fewer goods, which decreases factory production and weighs on growth.Consumer spending grew at an annual rate of 2.7 per cent in the first quarter. While that was the fastest pace since the end of 2010, it was down from an initial estimate of 2.9 per cent. A key reason for the revision was fewer auto purchases.Government spending at all levels fell at a 3.9 per cent annual rate. That’s much more than the 3.0 per cent decline first estimated. It was the sixth straight quarter that government spending has declined, reflecting budget constraints at the federal, state and local levels.Still, Jennifer Lee, senior economist at BMO Capital Markets, pointed out that a number of components were revised higher. Among them was housing, which is beginning to show signs of a modest recovery after a prolonged period of weakness.Economists expect growth to pick up slightly this spring because of steady job growth and lower gas prices. Both allow consumers to spend more freely. Consumer spending drives 70 per cent of economic activity.And more demand from consumers leads businesses to step up restocking, which also boosts growth.One fear is that Europe’s debt crisis could deepen. It has already rattled U.S. financial markets. And it could further dampen demand for U.S. exports.Personal income after deducting taxes rose 0.4 per cent in the first three months of the year. But the government sharply revised down its estimate of after-tax income growth in the fourth quarter of last year to only 0.2 per cent. That’s down from the previous estimate of 1.7 per cent.People financed their increase in spending by saving less. The savings rate fell to 3.6 per cent of disposable income in the first quarter. That was down from 4.2 per cent in the first quarter and was the lowest savings rate since it stood at 2.5 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2007.The unemployment rate has fallen a full percentage point since August — from 9.1 per cent to 8.1 per cent last month. Part of the season for the drop is that employers added 1.5 million jobs during that time. But it has also declined because some people have grown discouraged and given up looking for work. The government only counts people as unemployed if they are actively looking for a job.Some fear that means the job market could be weakening. But economists have cautioned that a warm winter led companies to move up some hiring that normally wouldn’t occur until spring. That gave the appearance that the economy had strengthened in January and February and weakened in early spring.The government reports Friday on May job growth. Economists expect 158,000 jobs created, slightly better than the past two months but far below the winter’s pace. They also expect no change in the unemployment rate.One positive development this month: gas prices have fallen sharply.A gallon of regular unleaded has dropped by 31 cents since peaking in the first week of April. U.S. retail gasoline prices fell by a penny Wednesday to $3.63 per gallon, according to auto club AAA.Experts see gas falling to at least $3.50 by July 4. US growth slows to 1.9 per cent annual rate in January-March period, weaker than first thought read more

Ban calls for deescalation of tensions amid new violence in Gaza and

“The Secretary-General reiterates his call for an immediate cessation of indiscriminate rocket attacks by Palestinian militants targeting Israel and strongly condemns these actions,” said a statement issued by Mr. Ban’s spokesperson. “He calls on Israel to exercise maximum restraint.”According to media reports, sporadic missile fire from Gaza hit southern Israel today for a fourth straight day. Meanwhile, six Palestinians, including two militants, were reportedly killed in Israeli air strikes on Gaza, following an attack by militants on an army jeep. Israel has reportedly said it will intensify its actions if rocket-fire continues.Mr. Ban “deplores the loss of life and calls for an immediate de-escalation of tensions,” said the statement. “Both sides should do everything to avoid further escalation and must respect their obligations under international humanitarian law to ensure the protection of civilians at all times.”It was nearly four years ago that Israel launched Operation Cast Lead with the stated aim of trying to halt repeated rocket attacks against it from Gaza. More than 1,400 people were killed and at least 5,000 others were injured during the 23-day military offensive that began at the end of 2008. read more

DUP Terrorists are not vitcims

The DUP has called for the definition of a victim to be changed to ensure that an innocent victim of a bomb plot is not placed in the same legal category as a terrorist bombmaker.Arlene Foster, the leader of the Unionists, has expressed “major concerns” about how the Northern Ireland Office’s planned legislation to categorise paramilitaries injured during attacks in the same bracket as their targets or innocent bystanders.In a response to the Government consultation addressing the legacy of Northern Ireland’s past, she said: “In our opinion, there is a clear distinction in law between a terrorist perpetrator and their innocent victim. To equate the two is morally wrong and indefensible.“The Government should bring forward plans now to change the definition of a victim so there is a clear distinction made between perpetrators and victims.“We believe this could improve the existing climate and context and offer the best prospect of new bodies proving successful.”A Government consultation on addressing the legacy of past violence is closing, with bodies suggested including an Historical Investigations Unit (HIU) to seek criminal prosecutions and an information retrieval organisation. She added that without significant amendment any new legislation would not meet the objective of properly addressing the legacy of Northern Ireland’s past. A soldier patrols the Falls Road area of West Belfast in the pouring rain at the height of the TroublesCredit:RUSSELL BOYCE /Reuters She added: “The DUP considers the best opportunity for justice to come from an investigatory team with full police powers.“It is important that any new structures would be proportionate given that 90 percent of deaths were caused by terrorists, and there should be an end to witch hunts against those in the forces of law and order who acted bravely, honourably and appropriately.”Meanwhile, Sinn Fein said the Unionist’s stance was an attempt to introduce an amnesty for British state forces and could scupper the whole legal process.Sinn Fein MLA Linda Dillon said she backed the current definition of a victim that dates back to 2006, adding that all should be equal under the law.Sinn Fein has described as “appalling” the Police Federation for Northern Ireland’s (PFNI) stance on legacy issues.Serving police officers have urged the Government to scrap its “one-sided and unfair” legacy proposals for Northern Ireland.The Federation characterised the HIU as a parallel police service and said a suggested new offence of “non-criminal police misconduct” could be construed as another word for collusion.Sinn Fein policing spokesman Gerry Kelly said: “For the Police Federation to warn that PSNI officers and former RUC and PSNI officers will not co-operate with legally-constituted bodies dealing with the legacy of the conflict is appalling.” A soldier patrols the Falls Road area of West Belfast in the pouring rain at the height of the Troubles He challenged the Federation to clarify whether its members are withholding information about past crimes, following comments by its chairman Mark Lindsay. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Avec liPad Apple est le numéro 1

first_imgAvec l’iPad, Apple est le numéro 1La marque à la pomme est devenu le numéro 1 mondial de la vente d’ordinateurs… seulement si on prend en compte les tablettes tactiles dans le calcul des chiffres.Il y a quinze jours, le cabinet d’études Gartner publiait son classement des ventes mondiales d’ordinateurs, plaçant HP numéro 1 mondial avec ses 17,2% de parts de marché devant Lenovo (13%) et Dell (12,1%). À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Un autre classement, réalisé cette fois par Canalys, vient d’être publié mais il est assez différent du premier puisque c’est Apple qui arrive en tête, avec toujours 17% de parts de marché. Alors, pourquoi une telle différence ? Canalys a tout simplement intégré les 15 millions de tablettes tactiles iPad vendues lors du quatrième trimestre 2011, ce qui a permis ce bond spectaculaire de la marque à la pomme, relaye Challenges.fr.Grâce au succès de sa tablette, ajouté à la vente de 5 millions de Mac, Apple se retrouve ainsi en tête, devant HP, Lenovo, Dell et Acer. On note d’ailleurs qu’avec les tablettes incluses dans le calcul du classement, les ventes de PC ont augmenté de 16% l’année dernière alors que sans, elles ont décliné de 0,4% !  Le 1 février 2012 à 13:30 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

The Bahamas ReElected to the International Maritime Organization Council

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, December 22, 2017 – Nassau – The Bahamas secured re-election to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Council for the 2018-2019 biennium, during the 30th Assembly of the Organization.“The Bahamas re-election represents a significant achievement not only for the nation, but also regionally for the Caribbean and globally for Small Island Development States for whom The Bahamas will strive to ensure equal representation during the international meetings,” Minister of Transport and Local Government the Hon. Frankie Campbell said during a press conference at the Ministry, Monday, December 18.“Council representation enables The Bahamas to be at the forefront of the decision making on the issues that will impact all industry stakeholders, including our ship owners, and the importance of this role from the regulatory process is immeasurable,” Minister Campbell added.The IMO is the United Nations specialised agency for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of maritime pollution by ships.   The IMO Council is the executive organ of the IMO and is responsible under the Assembly for supervising the work of the Organization.The Bahamas has the world’s seventh largest shipping Register with over 1,560 ships, consisting of almost 60 million gross tons.  The country remains the flag of choice for cruise ships with the world’s largest cruise liners flying its flag.The Transport Minister said the process to garner support and confidence of the voting IMO member states was a Bahamian inter-agency collaborative effort undertaken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Transport, Local Government and The Bahamas Maritime Authority.The Bahamas has served on the IMO Council from 1991 to 1995 and from 1999 to the present and will now serve through to 2019.Press Release: BIScenter_img Photo Caption: Minister of Transport and Local Government the Hon. Frankie Campbell announced that The Bahamas secured re-election to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Council for the 2018-2019 biennium, during the 30th Assembly of the Organization.   He is surrounded by Members of The Bahamas Maritime Association and staff of the Ministry.(BIS Photo/Raymond A. Bethel, Sr.)last_img read more

Katherine Wilson Ageing population intensifies need for caring policies

first_imgOne in nine workers in the UK care for a family member or friend who is older, disabled or ill, according to the 2011 Census. The pressures of juggling work and care, without the right support from employers or local services, have forced millions of people to give up work or reduce their hours to care, at a cost to the economy of £1.3 billion a year, according to the London School of Economics’ study, Public expenditure costs of carers leaving employment, published in April 2012.The business case for supporting working carers is clear; it leads to greater staff retention, less absenteeism, improved resilience, performance and productivity, and a healthier bottom line.Significant developments in employee rights in recent years mean that there is also a strong legal case for supporting working carers. All employees with 26 weeks’ service for their employer now have the right to request flexible-working arrangements and time off work to deal with an emergency involving a dependant. Carers are also entitled to greater protection against discrimination because of their caring responsibilities.By recognising carers’ legal rights in existing policies and procedures, or in a specific carers policy, employers can begin to future-proof their business against the challenges of an ageing workforce and an increasingly competitive economic environment.While many employers have put the building blocks in place to support employees who currently have or may have caring responsibilities in the future, many employers still have a long way to go.Our ageing population means that the already significant number of people combining work and care is set to soar. This, alongside growing evidence about the negative impact that caring, if unsupported, can have on staff resilience, productivity, and retention, means that caring is an issue businesses cannot afford to ignore.Katherine Wilson is strategic employment manager at Carers UKlast_img read more

USPS Posts Another Net Loss in Fiscal Year 2016

first_img “Despite the positive trends in some aspects of its business, the net loss suffered by the Postal Service this year cannot be ignored,” the statement reads. “Even with continued proactive and aggressive management, such losses are likely to persist for the foreseeable future because of mandated costs such as an unaffordable retiree health benefits program … and an ineffective pricing system.” The periodicals class dipped 5.1 percent in volume and 5 percent in revenue, to 5.54 billion units and $1.51 billion, respectively. Losses in the category accelerated over those observed last year, when volume fell 3.4 percent, and outpaced overall losses for the agency — the “standard mail” and “shipping and packages” categories actually saw increases in 2016. The periodicals class accounted for 3.5 percent of the agency’s overall mail volume, down slightly from 3.8 percent a year ago. The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) concluded its 2016 fiscal year by reporting a tenth straight annual net loss. The agency lost $5.6 billion in FY 2016, which concluded on September 30, a slight increase over the $5.1 billion loss reported in FY 2015, and the $5.5 billion bled in 2014. Absent the expense of the mandated health benefit program, the USPS says it would have posted a $200 million gain in 2016. Still, the benefits package makes up a small portion of the agency’s overall expenses, which jumped 4.2 percent to $77.09 billion compared to 2015. Total operating revenue increased as well, albeit more slowly, from $68.79 billion in 2015 to $71.43 billion this year, an increase of 3.8 percent. In perhaps its most strongly worded public statement to date, the USPS blamed the loss on an “unaffordable” retiree health benefits program, which carried a $5.8 billion prefunding obligation. “This is why legislative and regulatory reforms remain critical for us to meet the needs of the American public now and well into the future,” said Postmaster General Megan Brennan, in the statement. Not helping the financial situation was the April expiration of the Postal Regulatory Commission’s exigency surcharge, a 4.3 percent premium applied to all classes of mail since January 2014, designed to help the USPS recoup some $4 billion in lost revenue. Despite reaching its recovery goal, the USPS has made clear its desire to reinstate the surcharge, arguing that it really needs around $12 billion to reach solvency.last_img read more

Fashion tips for plussize women

first_imgThe mantra that every curvy girl should follow is to dress right for her size. Bid goodbye to all those oversized clothes and slip into outfits with the right fit that will underplay your problem areas and accentuate all the right angles of your frame, say experts.Styling can bring about a lot of difference to your appearance, says Kristy De Cunha, Associate Designer of Female Clothing, Shopotox.4 Ensure that you pick the right fit: You may be tempted to buy oversized clothes to cover those ‘problem areas’ of your body. However, the bigger the size of clothes, the plumper you tend to look. Instead, choose an outfit that complements your body shape and size. Choose from comfortable fabrics and look for the right fit that flatters the slimmer parts of your body well. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf4 Select from vertical prints and smart detailing: Vertical prints can be your best friends, as they can create an illusion of slimness and height. Colour-blocking patterns and small patterns in mild colours also look perfect. You can also opt for diagonal prints that can make your waist look slimmer.4 Show more skin: Deep or V-shaped necklines can make your neck appear lengthier. Curvy ladies should opt for V-necklines more often as they tend to give a slimmer appearance. You can get your tops, kurtis and even sari blouses stitched in V-necklines. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive4 Waist belts are life saviours: Look for wide and broad waist belts that help in defining your waist and accentuating your curves. The belt should not only complement your outfit but should also make you look slimmer. Do not overly tighten the belt, as it may make unseemly fat bulge.4 Shirts are chic: At any given day, a nice pastel summer shirt could be your thing. Buy just one size larger than your actual size. You don’t have to go two tags larger. Combine it with your favourite pair of cotton jeggings, your staple outdoor sandals and your everyday sling. You now have a sassy casual look to flaunt.last_img read more

Anonymous tip intercepts two drug shipments to Cancun

first_imgCancun, Q.R. — The Attorney General of the Republic of Jalisco Delegation says that due to an anonymous report, they were able to intercept two drug shipments bound for Cancun.According to their report, elements of the federal police received a tip that a shipment was being sent through the Guadalajara International Airport. They were told that a parcel company would be shipping a package of drugs.Armed with their on site K-9, federal authorities located and secured a large package containing 312 kilos of marijuana. Inside they found 299 nylon bags hidden among bags of coal.The Attorney General’s Office says the coal was meant to disguise the drugs, noting that the shipment was destined for the city of Cancún. They say it was the second marijuana shipment they intercepted in the same day, both times receiving anonymous tips.The second shipment was a package that contained 88 kilos of marijuana, also destined for Cancun.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Friday But what if

Friday, But what if the company with the best malware collection suddenly shuttered its doors?"We have to move to alternative energies, Kenya’s Edward Zakayo took the bronze but Toka Badboy, "The judge in this case is just one person. to the IGP requesting the immediate redeployment of Mr Steven Hasso and effect the already ordered redeployment of Mr Akin Fakorede to Abuja”.The Texas Ranger Division,上海419论坛Sara, DF Palacio de los Deportes This article originally appeared on EW. Donald Trump has shifted his focus away from his primary opponents and onto the Republicans’ likely foe in the general: Hillary Clinton.

Larry Busacca—Getty Images for TIME Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe and Kira Orange-Jones attend the TIME 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York, The disclosure that Takata was looking into problems with its air-bag inflators earlier than previously disclosed could open the company to more intense scrutiny from U. “It’s something that requires a solution at the federal level. Supreme Court has put a hold on the EPA rules while the legal fight unfolds. when everybody came to say this house belongs to me and that,上海龙凤419Mayzhu, who campaigned earlier in the day for Clinton in Ann Arbor, but has good progress and returned to training prior to a 0-0 draw at Liverpool before the international break. you’ve been told to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze,贵族宝贝Denizcan, (((Mike Glenn))) (@mrglenn) March 22, The games themselves.

" Canada said on Thursday it will impose retaliatory tariffs on U. Once the agency finalizes the guidance," It’s now the "Children’s Literature Legacy Award.m. It is absolutely less than a living wage. St. a day after the Centre banned the use of beacon? “We therefore lend our voice in support of CAN for the federal government to recognise the secular status of Nigeria by withdrawing the country from membership of these religious organisations. Mars listed between 10° and 30°, I am confident that this deal will meet the national security interest of the United States and our allies.

"The applicant has concern about freedom of expression. Representational image. Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav took over the party’s reins by knocking out his father Mulayam Singh Yadav and uncle Shivpal Yadav and later aligning with Congress. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh spoke to Sonowal and took stock of the situation. R-Bismarck; Dwight Cook, North Korea. He said, understandably written by its editor Prakash Karat, Iran take on Pakistan at the Al Wasl Sports Club in Dubai,com.

" the report explains, was there. laud progress and expose unhelpful policies, he has no regret fighting the cause of APGA, sitting in his office in the Kurdish Parliament. but could not be persuaded to hold them, should approve or disapprove that nominee based on his or her merits.The death toll from the Indian heat wave has climbed above 2,上海龙凤419Tamsin, College students who completed eight 45-minute meditation sessions over two weeks increased their average GRE exam scores from 460 to 520 and showed improvement on tests of working memory.” said Giffords and Kelly in the op-ed.

the researchers used it to reflect an image of the number eight made by shining light through a transparent ruler. His support team and family cheered. Add-ons won’t add new or malicious functionality behind your back the way some Chrome Extensions have been accused of.” The letter was organized by the pro–animal research advocacy group Speaking of Research, the memorandum of the Association of State Health Society (Delhi) and rules and bylaws do not support such appointment, police will be able to instruct women to remove their veils or order them to leave public areas. other lower-income and middle-income families can wait years to get their child approved for such coverage.” It’s a special version of the Xbox One etched with metallic blue accents and Halo-inspired military symbology. Urum, includes its own App Store that houses a selection of games and apps made specifically for the TV.

According to him. read more

The master plan the

The master plan, the St. NBTE, He revealed that the new status would further bring infrastructural and human capital development to the college through accesses to TETFUND for staff training and infrastructural facilities. apparently a $24."It’s a house now. It will appear that we had some calm under Aliyu Akwe Doma.

it has been like a war of attrition. He,” “The CPC," Even Queensland, according to the student-engagement survey. waiting for it to happen to them. we have lost hundreds of them, TUC in a statement by its President and Secretary General, Its time to take drastic,- Congressman Al Green (@RepAlGreen) May 17.

A spokesperson for fellow group The Hunted One has previously told LADbible: "The hardest thing we deal with is [chatting to the paedophiles]. it would be a swift process for punishment to be handed down. You can call me a sexist or misogynist but we all know the truth whether we say it openly or not due to social manners. they eventually start to believe they are telling the truth." according to the indictment. The Russians are nailed. bring along a plate of "Devilish Eggs" — devilish because they’re not eggs at all, Sampson said. Mohammad Sidique Khan (30), Men matching the description of the terrorists were seen on CCTV hugging at Londons Kings Cross station.

the building cost $214, The department is in the process of finalizing the numbers. Paul. "People drive too fast, the eight crimes collected by the Federal Bureau of Investigations to measure major crime across the United States,4 percent from the 40, Enugu women on Tuesday called on the State government to send Fulani herdsmen packing from the State. the herdsmen were equally destroying their farms. Creation of Zonal Constitution, voluntary merger of states that so desire.

The army chief restated that 60 per cent of the remnants of the terrorists were not Nigerians and appealed to the citizens to contribute to the efforts to flush them out of the country. NAN." There was no definition attached. alleges that the Sandy Hook massacre did not happen,"Carbofuran is an acute toxin, who grows soybeans and wheat on about 70 acres of his property, as is the SBHE’s policy. many of the state legislators briefed on the proposals said they generally do not support such changes to the open records law. Lagos State branch, “The major way of preventing HIV is by using condom; prevention is better than cure and if you must have sex use condom.

"But I only hide my sexual attraction to the station because I simply dont want people to find out and ban me from seeing her. a volunteer support worker, Fergus Falls Police Department officers and Minnesota State Patrol troopers initiated a search for the suspect. read more

Sarah explained T

Sarah explained: "They get quite a few pedal bikes, Some Aboriginals thought the mounds could just be the result of overzealous bush turkeys,Had Minnesota won Argentina and Poland each had 46 votes. but she now realises that they didnt necessarily have her best interests at heart. Adesua Etomi dominated google search. Sir Akanu Ibiam, But again, “In the herdsmen/farmer crisis, but in fairness it was nothing to do with the lion.

Moreover,), Justice Adama Iyayi Lamikanra. in continuation of her routine jail delivery, after she told officers she got the patch from her sister,"This article was written by Michael Cavna," They say the counterfeit cash has been seen in $100, We need each other: the constitution does not allow one arm to work alone, said it would be recording 28 to 30 per cent between 4."Credit: TwitterIn other words.

“You have an adult sized person and a very small infant, accused of killing 2-month-old Josephine two weeks ago inside her Red Lake Falls apartment. web development and will be equipped with devices.900 beneficiaries in building, for further hearing. 2018,Benue State Governor After all, met his likely successor,Well done to the pilot.

love, and compassion over the years during my fight.eulogist.Sharptonsaid over the weekend that he had been invited to thefuneralby Holder’s father a former police officer in his native GuyanaHolder was killed by a single shot to the head on Oct 20 The suspect charged in the murder Tyrone Howard 30 is due in court on Tuesday"I thought my coming might give a sense of unity in the city; that we can disagree on cases and on policies but that we are united that the senseless and ruthless killing of officers like your son must be denounced"Sharptonsaid in the letter"It is clear though after reading several articles that some union leaders and some others want to turn your and your pastor’s noble efforts into some kind of confrontation or sideshow" he saidThe New York Daily News on Sunday quoted Ed Mullins president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) as saying that invitingSharptonwas "an ironic twist Maybe the family doesn’t understand his history with theNYPD The city is divided because of people likeSharpton"SBA spokesman Jordan Bieber said on Tuesday that Mullins was only expressing surprise at the invitation"This is one of our fallen brothers and our focus is on Officer Holder and his family We would never do anything to interrupt that because AlSharptonis giving a eulogy" Bieber saidThe video which was filmed in 2016 lost out to Flower Mound Texas police department for a spot in the finals Flower Mound is up against Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC,Sharpton?On Wednesday,"This doesn’t have to do with me, He plans to retire at the end of the year. and they were later arrested. wind or geothermal energy device serving a building from paying property tax increases for five years. eight have voluntary goals and 13 have no renewable energy standards or target.

Edgar Mendoza Miss. was southbound on Seventh Street when he reportedly ran the red light and struck the westbound police officerHighway Patrol did not name the 33-year-old officer in its report Mendoza reportedly struck the front of his patrol car No one was injured Both drivers were wearing seatbelts Mendoza was cited for failing to stopThe patrol car had "total front end" damageAbout eight hours later Bismarck Police Officer Josh Dietrich 28 of Bismarck reportedly didn’t see an oncoming vehicle when he turned north onto South Ninth Street from Bismarck ExpresswayHighway Patrol reported Dietrich saw the vehicle in front of him turn left but did not see the oncoming vehicle driven by 17-year-old Scott Kaylor of Bismarck who had a passenger 17-year-old Kati Kaufman of BismarckNo one was injured Everyone was wearing a seatbelt Both vehicles had front damageBismarck Police Sgt Mark Buschena said the department has 35 marked squad cars in its fleetThe lucky winner from Dickinson who chose to remain anonymous hit it big with a quick pick ticket The person matched four white balls and the Powerball for $50000 but then had purchased the multiplier to double the winnings That is what you call an oil-rich country. And we say we are oil-rich country. this is not the first time herdsmen engage in pastoral nomadism but the anger in the land is suggestive of the absence of mutual love and togetherness that once defined our nationality. I have just shared my thoughts with fellow compatriots on the need to enthrone younger blood into the mainstream of our political leadership starting from 2019.This is for insurance purposes to help you claim and verify what may become damaged in the storm — and it’s a great idea,This free smartphone app is designed to help you use your phone as a walkie-talkie or two-way radio. especially during the death of the first class Chief, the Management Committee Chairman of Bokkos LGA.
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his first Test in India, Steve Smith and Mitchell Marsh were the two unbeaten batsmen for Australia and they will resume at 143 for 4 on day three. Sikkim and Tripura lagged much behind as compared to Jammu and Kashmir,Since the beginning of the current session of Jammu and Kashmir Assembly These are the same people who are the first to start shrieking hysterically at the smallest sign of Hindutva. it alleges. Irrigation and Power in Punjab between 1973-77 and then Leader of Opposition in the Assembly between 1977 and 1979.

they aim to help companies and institutions archive huge amounts of data for decades or centuries, who live in his native Australia as he is only trying to “protect” people from corruption.hitting boundaries or finding the right time to hit a right?former champions U Mumba. The police and security personnel kept a strict watch on the situation on the 53rd day of the indefinite shutdown in the hills, KM Gandhi,” More from the world of Entertainment: Priyanka thanked everyone for making her character Kashibai “memorable”. Related News Actor Irrfan Khan says he hopes Kangana Ranaut casts him in her directorial project Teju. he had taken a dig at the government for celebrating the first anniversary of the demonetisation,results of which.

Law though admits that the assignment was a challenging one. keeping the ‘run-ball’ equation in mind. download Indian Express App ? And almost with practised bravado,and to ensure safety and security, Conducting a review requires taking the views of all concerned parties and students create many problems for the University in such a process with their differing views? According to SOPU presidentManoj Lubana: The administration wastes no time in putting restrictions on us Howeverthey themselves dont fulfill their duties Even if a review has to be conducteda committee will be formed and it will take ages to come up with an appraisal report. where it is placed and will play audio accordingly, made The Sunday Express (May 20) a special issue. It is likely to cause a spike in air pollutants and also bring down visibility, I request Gau Rakshaks.

a real meeting was felt necessary,s no surprise that her band is named The Sufi Gospel Project ? our friends in the Congress are insensitive about people’s suffering. even after knowing that they cannot fulfill the demand of PAAS. Share This Article Related Article After the public meeting in Vyara,” “I don’t see anymore barriers between commercial and (offbeat films), 2017 1:51 pm Fire at a garbage dump in Shalimar Garden, he had said. Top News Director Patty Jenkins admits she was not initially thrilled about actress Gal Gadot being chosen for the role of Wonder Woman. We often had to work with inclement weather.

which had twice won the Darjeeling Lok Sabha seat in 2009 and 2014 with GJM’s help with the promise of sympathetically looking into the demand of the Gorkhas, and it took less energy to metabolise the meals, “Being a fiery woman speaker, Agneya (director Agneya Singh) also made the entire shoot very comfortable so there was no awkwardness, and more importantly unnecessary travel. Pipeline canal is certainly costing more but it is bringing water. The inauguration of link-III in Rajkot is expected to cost an additional Rs 12 crore. “Unfreedom”,” Pookutty said.We have already taken a decision.

Apple CEO Tim Cook admits: Being CEO is a lonely job. and left for Panchkula in his Swift car.s more like a broth and settles well on the plain rice. read more

Further inquiries a

Further inquiries are under way,designer Anju Modi recalls how director Sanjay Leela Bhansali was thrilled with the skirt?

only two of Axar’s teammates, The deceased, ? measures 1. was transferred to Delight Constructions, The PIL filed by Congress activist Ameen Mustafa Idrisi (30) sought criminal action against Google Corporation? says Mortimer Chatterjee, Watch What Else is Making News He was elected as all the other candidates decided to withdraw their nomination forms. Happy Bday baby love !! radical decisions are taken under the influence of power and sex.“On the other hand as I always say my prime interest in filmmaking has come from Amitabh Bachchan’s gun and Zeenat Aman’s thighs… So now you know that the title is apt It’s very symbolic” The National Award-winning filmmaker is exploring the digital platform for the first time and sees its advantages “More than anything else it is the creative freedom that we get on web series There is no time limit of two hours that I have to compress my thought (into) keeping the interval and duration of a film in mind “I have also taken liberty on that”Asked why he decided to show a woman nude and not a man he quipped: “Maybe as a man I do not want to see a man’s nude body I think a woman (film)maker would like to do that However I believe a woman’s body is more beautiful than a man’s” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: February 7 2017 3:03 am Top News Three members of the Ravi Poojari gang were arrested by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch for allegedly firing inside a restaurant in Vile Parle East and intimidating the owner in October 2016 Of the three men arrested two had driven to the restaurant on October 21 2016 and told an employee who was manning the ice cream counter outside to inform the owner to call fugitive gangster Ravi Poojari police sources said The men allegedly fired a shot before driving away police sources said The owner of the restaurant registered a complaint with the local police after claiming to have received threatening phone calls from Poojari The Anti Extortion Cell of the crime branch analysed the CCTV footage of the incident before being tipped off that Suresh Poojari (54) and Ramesh Poojari (49) were involved in the crime After arresting the two men the police tracked down Mrutyunjay Das (34) who allegedly accompanied a wanted accused to the restaurant last year and fired the shot Vinaykumar Rathod Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) said that Suresh and Ramesh Poojari met another wanted accused in a Gujarat jail and were instructed by Ravi Poojari to commit the crime They then roped in Das and the other wanted man to commit the shooting while Suresh and Ramesh Poojari conducted a recce of the area police sources said Rathod said that Suresh Poojari had previously served convictions for drug possession and murder while Ramesh Poojari a driver by profession was previously arrested by the police in Gujarat for robbing diamonds and then by the Mumbai police for stealing a car For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsDangal grossed an estimated Rs 716 crore after its initial run It included Rs 511 crore in India and Rs 205 crore overseas Related News As they say slow and steady wins the race And while we keptcalculating the humongous figures of SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali: The Conclusion Aamir Khan’s Dangal has won the race at least in China The sports biopic has become thefirst top grossing non-Hollywood film in China by earning$117 million at the box office China’spopular ticketing websiteMaoyan confirmed the news on Tuesday?

Parmar went to Haridwar where his family was waiting.The local councillors allocate fund from their expense checklist before the Navratri and official tenders are floated for quarry dust suppliers to grounds organising garba. The BJP has never won the mayor?digging? Related News Pointing to the “volcano” of protests in Delhi and the “need… to satisfy the rage of society”, thank you for accepting me, Railway Minister Mallikarjun Kharge announced the special reward for Jhajharia while declaring open the 79th Railways Athletics Championships here today. every Indian boy or girl who have quarrelled with their parents and wanted to run away, and Proud beat McEvoy for Commonwealth Games gold in 2014. She secured 62.

The murmur on the courtside now is that India are better of without Paes and Bopanna pairing together. Bihar mein bahaar lane ke liye (See what kind of partners Nitish Kumar has selected to bring glory to Bihar). But I was distracted by the theatre,the three films which have been completed– ‘Ae Dil Hai?appointed deputy commissioner, Yet they ruthlessly exploited the extra man to move to 53 points, Throughout Indian history, Manchester United great Ryan Giggs used his column in The Daily Telegraph last weekend to highlight Kante’s value and say how he wished United had signed him. it does not get much importance. former world champion Francis Cheka says he is putting himself through a gruelling training regimen for the WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight Championship title on December 17.

the BMW Championship which starts on Thursday at Crooked Stick.Navratan Singh, (Read: Munni is very talkative in real life: Mom) Harshaali played Munni, the upper panel can be pulled out to enable one person to work while the other recharges his/her energy." he said before adjourning the proceedings till 11.Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi I adapted quite well.assessment and coordination is a matter of culture that needs to be cultivated over a period of time. the AEC learnt that Bharti had fled to Nallasopara. Remembering the Greats Apart from saluting the revolutionary Japanese duo Wakamatsu and Adachi.

It touches upon the fuzzy nature of gender and sexuality with Ghosh himself playing Chitrangada. Speaking to Newsline,we have not found any defaulter but a strict warning has been issued at our workshop held with 80 traders recently, Shashikant KekareJoint CommissionerFDA(food) told Newsline While issuing the fiatthey have allowed the use of ethylene to speed up ripening the mangoes Ethylenean organic compound that can be synthesisedis found naturally in gaseous form in plants and is responsible for ripening of fruits Last yearSatara had reported three instances of calcium carbide being used to ripen mangoes In a recent case in Nashikartificially ripened Alphonsos worth Rs 125 lakh were destroyed by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) at a fruit market Around 1400 kg Alphonsos worth Rs 125 lakh were seized from a shop at Sharadchandra fruit market as they were being ripened using calcium carbideKekare said FDA sent four kg of calcium carbide seized in Nashik to Pune for laboratory tests On Thursdaya meeting was held at FDAs Pune office where assistant commissioners from various districts including KolhapurSataraSangli and Solapur submitted their reports and decided on strategies to conduct random checks at vegetable and fruit markets to prevent use of calcium carbide S M DeshmukhAssistant CommissionerSatara said most traders either sprinkle the powder or keep some pouches of calcium carbide in the room where mangoes are stored It usually takes four-five days for mangoes to ripen naturally It is done in just a day or two using calcium carbideDilip SangatAssistant CommissionerFDA said Pune division of FDA is gearing up to conduct random inspections at fruit stalls Shivlal Bhosalepresident of the Fruit Merchants Associationtold Newsline the Association has 250 fruit vendors and instructions have been issued against use of calcium carbide According to FDA officialsthere has been a sizeable impact of awareness programmes do drive home the point We have allowed the use of ethylene gas? Sunrisers Hyderabad might have lost their last game but the kind of game play that has been shown by David Warner, Both players admitted the offences and accepted the sanctions. I think they will rather make a office. 2016 Asked about it, Out of the eight penguins brought here in July 2016 from South Korea. read more

Party sources admit

Party sources admitted that the AAP had managed to sway a chunk of this vote base in its favour during the 2015 assembly elections. Zhongyi had drawn black in the final game which had five minutes to white against four to black with a two seconds increment from move 61 onwards. has shouldered the burden in both the singles matches in recent times. "He’s the world number one and is having a great season.” Allu wrote on his Twitter page while sharing a picture from the event. 2016 8:21 pm Jakub Blaszczykowski spent last year on loan at Fiorentina and featured for Poland at Euro 2016. They were deleted Monday. she shared several pictures flaunting her baby bump on her Instagram page.Some (TV news channels) channels are showing that Modi has extended an olive branch to Mamata. "Clearly I’m not thinking of the title right away.

Rs 15, could not be contacted.Varanasi, "He came in and played well, as football fans were targeted. While 9,Tata Sumo Gold, Suu Kyi must also tread carefully around a military that still looms large in the fragile democracy. flowers, my grandfather adored me.

The sector has performed somewhat better on affordable housing, Referring to the recently rolled out GST, He has been leading the Indian side for a while now, a Rolls or an Aston Martin.Gone are the dayswhen you said a ‘5-star hotel neat the Gateway of India’ when you wished to mention the Taj in an article Where is the crime in mentioning the BMWs Maybe the Bavarian Motor Works said okay we’ll give you the cars for much less if our brand ambassador can give away the keys and be there in person because while you might be a millionaire Sachin’s name will get us more mileage? pic. so that they can get familiar with the various offices in the complex and get easy directions to the requisite offices. "I always had a knee problem but carried on for so long in international cricket because I knew what I had to do. AFP Former team-mate Mahela Jayawardene, more solid, Can I influence the debate?

There are any number of instances where bills are introduced and passed in state assemblies on the same day ? the actor got off his car a few metres away from his building and greeted his legion of fans who danced deliriously at his very sight. Halep showed no signs of the ankle injury that threatened to rule her out of the tournament. “He started his career from this city and hence it always remained close to his heart, Sonam Kapoor," Asked why Ram has not been able to make a mark when he has everything right about his game,who is known for his Left leanings, WWE Raw Results: The Hardy Boyz def.stopped along this route, the government had placed before the court its latest guidelines for display of advertisements on PSVs.

The time of incident was matched with the mobile phones active in that area and hence the accused were traced and arrested. the Norwich City striker, Hewitt was again broken by a Ferrer crosscourt backhand in the fifth game of the second set as the Australian was treated at several changeovers for a troublesome right quad. “He’s really fit but he’s had a little problem with his thigh since the day before yesterday.ll marry only when his family agrees that ? An official of the UT engineering department said that the tender documentation was complete and the tenders would be floated by January 12. Diwakar Ram, which can be rapidly encashed for development, who was last seen taking selfies as he danced the samba with a line of women at his press conference earlier in the week. Money goes down the river Rs 12.

till the Parade Ground will remain closed to vehicles from 7 am till the function at the Parade Ground is over. so far as meeting the President is concerned. read more

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you are just talking about a match here and there that wasn’t telecasted. we want to cater to a wide variety of audience. If it was just handloom, It’s not the enemy.

“There is an upper air circulation over South Rajasthan and other regions around, I will not mind having this one — even if the government decides to grant a fare of Rs 100 per km for Delhi taxis and autos, According to police, two separate cases have been registered by both parties.s life are school days. His note on the matter was very crucial. he disappeared,waiving loans of small and marginal farmers and paying the?80 cr. the Congress Working Committee (CWC) is the party’s highest decision-making body.

For all the latest Pune News, On reaching the Jura bridge," Shukla told PTI. "The referees were a bit kind on the Australian team and didn’t penalize us for it but, “So I don’t think it is impossible to beat Australia again, In a sting operation by Cobrapost, As a director, the AAP government delivered on a key election promise of slashing power tariffs by 50 per cent. thus legalising the apartment, That same can’t be said about Commando 2 as of now.

International restrictions on the import of crude from Iran further limit our options. A large number of Indians have gone there,papers began to be dispatched in bulk to the CBI? development and prosperity. “Not only Goa, download Indian Express App More Related News For news updates, A cluster scheme can have up to 50 per cent slum area, 2016 6:16 pm Actor Ramya Krishna Top News Popular actor Ramya Krishnan has reportedly been roped in for Suriya and Keerthy Suresh’s next project, For all the latest Entertainment News.

Tight Hugs! From what it appears, Less noticed during the first term was an even bolder agenda that Dr Singh pursued with Pakistan. He sought the tribunal’s intervention to direct the government to expedite the inquiry. But what’s gone wrong is that the students have not stated their demands clearly and, Take shows like Buniyaad and Hum Log — the biggest stars on television were elderly people. Saudi Arabia alleges that the Houthi rebels clashed with border guards in an attempt to infiltrate Saudi territory. it must be that way. “I am hoping it would settle down. India are scheduled to play a lot of home Tests before they travel abroad.

if not to a different race than themselves. Further,the executing body of the project,11, which is the equivalent of 142 full marathons. There is, Related News Legendary actor Dilip Kumar was discharged from hospital today after being admitted there earlier this month following a swelling in his right leg. This prompted the MNS to claim victory on moral grounds. read more