Boston bombing most closely followed news story since Wall Street collapse

first_img A car plowed through the main hall of Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, New York See how smoggy downtown LA was the day before Trump is expected to demolish California’s attempts to tackle auto emissions 10 things in tech you need to know today Pew Center for the People and the PressRead the full findings here>- Walter Hickeycenter_img THE PEW RESEARCH Center for the People and the Press published the first analysis of media consumption during the Boston Bombing, and it shows that the week-long saga was the most closely followed news story Stateside in five years.The survey also shows evidence of the pervasive power of digital media. Half of those surveyed kept up with news online or by mobile, and just over a quarter followed the story on a social networking site. In contrast, 29 per cent followed the story by newspaper.The analysis found that 63 per cent of Americans were following the story “very closely,” making it the fifth-most closely followed story since 2001.This puts the Boston Bombing story behind only the 9/11 attacks (78 per cent), Hurricane Katrina (73 per cent), the US economic crash in September 2001 (70 per cent) and the DC sniper (65 per cent).The coverage of the bombing of the Boston Marathon was watched as closely as the coverage of the invasion of Iraq in March 2003.Here’s the breakdown of the most closely followed stories since 2001: 16-year-old Greta Thunberg met with Obama and chided senators, saying they’re not trying hard enough to fight climate change last_img read more

Chestburster Wasps Named After Alien Alien

first_img Watch: Man Uses Roman Candle to Kill Hornets, Sets Roof on FireLas Vegas Pizzeria Offers ‘Grasshopper Pie’ Amid Insect Inva… Scientists have discovered four new species of ancient parasitic wasps dating back many millenia.New research, published this week in the journal Nature Communications, provides the first set of definite proof of endoparasitism among wasps.With long, sharp ovipositors, these wasps lay eggs inside or on top of other arthropods—from cockroaches to spiders to other parasitoid wasps. Then, as the youngsters hatch and grow, they eat the host’s body from the inside out, often breaking through its abdomen.Sound familiar?So evocative of the chestbursters in the Alien films are they, scientists named two new species after Ridley Scott’s endoparasitoid Xenomorphs: Xenomorphia resurrecta and Xenomorphia handschini.The third—Coptera anka (the Swedish word for “duck”)—is also appropriately designated, referring to the waterfowl-esque appearance of its head, and the holotype’s origin from the Swedish Museum of Natural History.Final type Palaeortona quercyensis, meanwhile, relates to the morphologically similar extant genus Ortona. (Boring!)Using X-ray microtomography, researchers were able to re-create a virtual model of these critters, found hidden inside 55 fossilized fly pupae from France, approximately 34 to 40 million years old.“It’s the first time we definitely have proof of a developing parasitoid wasp inside its host in the fossil record,” Thomas van de Kamp, an entomologist from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in German, told The New York Times.Previous research uncovered ancient parasitoid wasps entombed in amber, most without their hosts.“Unwrapping” fossils with the X-ray imager, van de Kamp admitted he was “getting bored.”“It was like, ‘OK, stone. Another stone. OK, another stone.’ And then it was ‘Wow!’” he said. “It was immediately clear there was a wasp inside.”In July, a pair of scientists from the Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes published a paper detailing 17 genera and 29 species of parasitoid wasps.But it’s not the taxa’s “unusual morphological traits” (atypical skull modifications, tarsal claws, ovipositor teeth) that will turn heads. It’s their etymology.When a University of Vermont professor uncovered 15 new species of “smiley-faced” spiders, he let students christen them—some for beloved family members, others for revered politicians, actors, and musicians. Keep up with all things bugs here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more

SW Washington groups offer drug takeback events

first_imgNearly three dozen local community groups are hosting free drug take-back events and raising awareness about drug lock boxes this month.Residents can safely dispose of unused prescription and over-the-counter medications at eight drug take-back event locations from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 27.Free lock boxes will be offered to the first 200 qualified people at two drug take-back locations: PeaceHealth Southwest Urgent Care and the Battle Ground Police Department. Individuals can take a survey to determine if they qualify for a lock box at locations are:• PeaceHealth Southwest Urgent Care, 3400 Main St., Vancouver (accepting sharps and syringes).• Kaiser Permanente Cascade Park, 12607 S.E. Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver (accepting sharps and syringes).• Battle Ground Police Department, 507 S.W. First St., Battle Ground.• Washougal Silver Star Search & Rescue, 1220 A St., Washougal.• Cowlitz Public Safety Department, 31501 N.W. 31st Ave., Ridgefield (Interstate 5 Exit 16, south of ilani casino).• Skamania County Sheriff’s Office, 200 N.W. Vancouver Ave., Stevenson.• Skyline Hospital, 211 N.E. Skyline Drive, White Salmon.• Klickitat Valley Health, 310 S. Roosevelt Ave., Goldendale.For more information about the event, contact Clark County Public Health at 564-397-7352 or the Prevent Coalition at, or see the event page at read more

Bengaluru MLA Roshan Baig hints on quitting Congress urges Muslims to compromise

first_imgRoshan BaigTwitter [Representational Image]After the exit polls conveyed a clean sweep for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Karnataka, the senior Congress leader and legislator Roshan Baig of Shivajinagar has asked the Muslim community in the state to compromise with NDA if the circumstances demand.Roshan Baig, while talking to the media on Monday hinted on quitting the Congress party saying that he cannot remain in a party where there is no respect for the minority community. “Well if NDA is coming back to power, I humbly appeal to Muslim brothers to learn to compromise with the situation,” he told the media.The controversial remark by Baig has stirred many rows in the current political tensions in Karnataka. He said that “We must not remain loyal to one party. What happened to Muslims in Karnataka? He said that if the need arises Muslims should join hands with the BJP as the Congress had given only one party ticket to a Muslim candidate in the state. He also said that no seats were given to the Christians.When asked about his decision to quit the Congress party, he said that if the circumstances demand so, he would do it without any hesitation as the Muslims cannot remain in a party where there is no respect. “If someone makes us sit with love and affection, we will sit with them,” he said, reports PTI.He also pointed out at the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) president Dinesh Gundu Rao and Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Siddaramaiah for this downfall by criticising them for conducting a flop poll campaign.Baig said that he is not surprised with the exit poll results as he knew from the beginning that the Congress will fail this time due to its poor election campaigns. He also added that all the top party leaders of Congress should have some idea about the ground realities of the state. He further called the All India Congress Committee (AICC) general secretary in-charge KC Venugopal, a buffoon who led this failure.Dinesh Gundu Rao reacted to the claims made by Roshan Baig, “It’s unbecoming of a politician of his stature to be speaking like this, it ranks of pure political opportunism. We will take the required action when the time is right.”last_img read more

Meet Reya Entrepreneur Instagram and YouTube content creator with her take on

first_imgReya has been a lover of Fashion since she can remember. Playing dress up with her friends has been some of her fondest memories growing up. Her natural career in the fashion industry comes as no surprise since it is driven by love for clothes and history.Growing up on a tight budget and a need to constantly buy new outfits she found herself spiraling down the fast fashion culture. Now, after a few years working on Instagram her outlook has evolved, she is constantly on the lookout for emerging sustainable designers to wear and create awareness about slow fashion. Her aim is to break stereotypes based on slow fashion such as their expense and usability.’Some of the best fashion in the world comes out of India, it hurts me to see that globally especially in the Middle East, my home- it doesn’t have the awareness it deserves. I first started out just noticing great designs, forms, fabrics and cuts that I would not find anywhere else in the world. Once I started wearing them I realized people in Dubai weren’t aware about the fashion choices India had to offer. It makes me so proud to wear clothes designed and produced in India. A few years later my interest in a more sustainable lifestyle started to grow, obviously fashion had to be a major part of that, this is when I found some of the brands I now wear and love. Sustainable fashion is a harder choice to make, it isn’t as accessible or versatile, but I’m here to change that mindset.’She makes sure to promote and speak about designers from India, she finds their work very unique and needs the world to see them. Some of her most loved sustainable brands are Pero, Bodice, Eka and Ka Sha.IBT does not endorse any of the above content.last_img read more

Trump appoints warmonger Bolton as new national security advisor

first_imgJohn BoltonUS president Donald Trump on Thursday named hardline Fox News pundit and former UN ambassador John Bolton as his new national security advisor, ousting embattled army general HR McMaster.Trump took to Twitter to announce the latest in a cascade of staff changes, one which calls the future of a landmark deal to curb Iran’s nuclear program into serious doubt.“I am pleased to announce that, effective 4/9/18, @AmbJohnBolton will be my new National Security Advisor,” Trump said.The announcement came just days after he moved to replace secretary of state Rex Tillerson with another Iran hawk, CIA director Mike Pompeo.“I am very thankful for the service of General HR McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend,” Trump tweeted.McMaster had been expected to leave later this year, so his exit was no surprise. But Bolton’s nomination has stunned much of Washington.A vocal advocate of the Iraq war, he has also championed pre-emptive strikes against North Korea and regime change in Iran-making him an outlier even among Republicans.His appointment had been fiercely opposed by many within Trump’s inner circle, most notably the coterie of military officers who have experienced the brutality of war first hand.Bolton-a veteran of the George W Bush administration-will now have a central role in crafting US foreign policy, refereeing debates between America’s spooks, soldiers and diplomats.But his most potent role will be framing the security decisions that make it to Trump’s desk.His ideological approach to American power matches neatly with Trump’s tough-talking rhetoric, although the two have not always agreed on overseas wars.One Republican operative, speaking on condition of anonymity, admitted to some concerns about the appointment.“Some folks think he’s a little too hawkish,” the source said.“But people who have worked with him think he’s a pro and will step into the job knowing the key players, processes and issues.”For his part, Bolton tried to ease fears he would steer Trump by the nose and down the path of war.“I have my views. I’m sure I’ll have a chance to articulate them to the president,” he told Fox News.“If the government can’t have a free interchange of ideas among the president’s advisers, I think the president is not well-served.”Unlike the secretaries of state or defense, the national security advisor works directly for the president and does not need to be confirmed by the Senate in order to take up his post.Fork in the roadMcMaster’s exit is the latest in a string of high-profiledepartures from the White House that started with national security advisor Michael Flynn and has also included chief of staff Reince Priebus, chief strategist Steve Bannon, economic advisor Gary Cohn and Tillerson.McMaster, a three-star army general, had been expected to move out of the White House and into a four-star position.Instead, he will retire from public life.“After thirty-four years of service to our nation, I am requesting retirement from the US Army effective this summer after which I will leave public service,” he said in a statement.“Throughout my career it has been my greatest privilege to serve alongside extraordinary service members and dedicated civilians.”McMaster had been brought in to replace Flynn, Trump’s first national security advisor, who has since admitted to lying to the special counsel Robert Mueller and has turned state’s witness.Bolton’s appointment brought sharply different reactions, which in public cut along predictable party lines.Democratic Senator Edward Markey described the appointment as “a grave danger to the American people and a clear message from President Trump that he is gearing up for military conflict.”Congressman Lee Zeldin, a Trump loyalist, applauded the appointment and described Bolton as “ridiculously knowledgeable.”“Leaks from NSC will end. Obama holdovers will be gone & team, chemistry & work product will all get ramped up. Very underrated, amazing American. Extraordinarily talented pick,” he tweeted.The Eurasia Group, a risk consultancy, said Bolton’s appointment makes US foreign policy “America First on Steroids.”“This very hardline, strident figure will stoke President Donald Trump’s hardest-line instincts. Bolton will want to implement very tough policies, and limit Trump’s use of them as negotiating tactics,” it said.Bolton, it added, is “the hawk’s hawk.”last_img read more

This man has every PS2 game in America still wrapped

first_imgMost of us prefer to unwrap and play the video games we purchase, but many people buy games to collect. Ahans76, one user at PlayStation Collecting, is one of those people, and now claims that he has every single PS2 game released in America – still wrapped in original packaging and in mint condition.PlayStation Collecting interviewed Ahans76 about his collection of close to 1,800 PlayStation 2 games, all completely sealed and stored carefully in a series of bookshelves. According to the interview, Ahans76 started off buying a few games here and there and had no intention of becoming a collector, but he just fell into it.AdChoices广告The PlayStation 2 is his favorite console, and while he doesn’t disclose exactly how many games are in his collection or how much the total collection cost him to build, he did mention that the PS2 isn’t the only console he collects for. He also collects titles for the PSP and the Neo Geo, with the Neo Geo being the current focus of his collection.Another thing worth noting is that while all of the games Ahans76 has are sealed, that’s not the only criteria he has for the games in his collection. For example, they all have to be first editions, meaning no second editions, re-releases, and no “greatest hits” versions are on his shelves. If a game was an exclusive of some kind, he had to get that version.That’s incredible dedication, and an even bigger investment, especially in games that will never see the inside of a console. Even so, it’s an great museum of sorts to the glory days of the PlayStation 2, and its monetary value likely pales in comparison to the sense of satisfaction Ahans76 has for completing his collection.Read more at PlayStation Collecting, via Kotakulast_img read more

How To Be A Better Super Mario Run Player

first_img Nintendo’s mobile extravaganza Super Mario Run is finally upon us, and with it is a cavalcade of awesome new Mario stages, characters to unlock, coins to collect, and MyNintendo Rewards Points to hoard. It’s by far one of the best endless runners you can pick up on the App Store right now, but are you ready to take it on? Are you ready to conquer Super Mario Run?You just might be, if you take heed of our tips and tricks to make you a better Super Mario Run player. Keep in mind that these tips will only apply to players who have paid the $9.99 fee to purchase the entire game.Get All Those MyNintendo Rewards PointsAll you have to do to nab these points is play the game. You’ll even get a new free playable character by linking your Super Mario Run game to your MyNintendo Account. The game will prompt you to do so early on when you first start playing, so make sure you link the two accounts to keep playing if you ever need to move to a new device, or if you want extra points. Playing the game every day, completing additional courses, and adding friends will net you points as well, so make sure you check the MyNintendo tab on the main menu screen and start burning through the missions there for some big rewards.Replay those levels!It’s simple to just breeze through Super Mario Run if you’re not careful. You’ll want to hurry through them since there’s a certain rush that comes with the completion of each level and world, but take some time to go back and see what you missed. There are several different branching paths in each level that you’ll want to return to so you can collect all of the differently-colored coins. This will mean bigger, better things for you in the future, so don’t skimp out on them. Exploring is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you want some replay value after the 24 stages you complete in Tour Mode.Use Pause, speed, and reverse blocks skillfully.Sometimes Mario will come to a screeching halt, go against the grain when moving forward, or push ahead with a burst of speed. These blocks are here to help (or hinder) you, so make sure you utilize them in a manner that works best for you. The pause blocks are red and have a pause symbol on them, and the rest simply look like blocks with arrows on them. If you need a break in a level and don’t feel like hitting the pause button to stop the momentum, make sure you land on the blocks before making a careful jump. And be wary of directional blocks, which could end up launching you face-first into an endless pit, lava, or an enemy. Use them to your advantage whenever possible.Don’t be afraid to try out different characters.As you progress through Super Mario Run, you’ll unlock different characters such as Toad, Luigi, Toadette, and other familiar characters. Each has their own special ability, such as Toad’s speed and Yoshi’s Flutter Jump ability. These can all help you be a better player in various ways, but you’ve got to keep playing in order to get them. Toad can be extremely useful if you want to up your speedy tactics, for example. Keep trying out different characters to see what works.You can download Super Mario Run from the Apple App Store right now for iOS devices. Unfortunately, it does not have a concrete Android release date thus far. Stay on target Super Mario Run Didn’t Meet Nintendo’s ExpectationsSuper Mario Run Comes to Android This Week last_img read more

Ladysmith to suffer as watershedding is back in full force

first_imgAbout 40% of our water supply comes from the Klip River. The Klip River has dried up due to low or no rainfall received in the catchment areas.uThukela spokesperson Jabulani Mkhonza has thus announced that water-shedding is in place as of Friday, September 15.Pressure will be decreased in Van Riebeeck Park and Roosboom.Water will be cut off every night at 8pm and will resume at 1pm the following day.This all depends on water stock levels at the Ladysmith Plant.Water-shedding will have a major effect on the following areas: Golf Course, Observation Hill, Hyde Park, Limit Hill, Modelkloof, St Chad’s and Steadville (top).The drought situation around uThukela District Municipality is getting worse. People are therefore encouraged to use water sparingly during this trying period. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img read more

China remains a leading growth market for business tourism

first_imgChina remains a leading growth market for business tourismMalaysia has seen continued growth in China and the corporate meeting and incentive groups market. The country has generated a staggering RM436 million in estimated economic value from the China market, which now represents 62% of the corporate meeting and incentive market from 2015 to 2016.The marked success of the 7th China Roadshow 2017 in Beijing (18 April) and Shanghai (20 April) have positioned Malaysia as the go-to Asia business destination. Driving momentum in the business events market, Malaysia will continue its initiatives to other major cities including Chengdu (24 April) and Guangzhou (27 April) to promote Malaysia as a preferred corporate meeting and incentive destination to the China market.For seven years, Malaysia has welcomed and hosted an impressive number of corporate meeting and incentive groups from China and to further uphold the Ministry of Tourism and Culture’s target under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), Malaysia is expected to welcome 36 million tourist and 168 billion in receipts by 2020.The China Roadshow 2017 is led by Datuk Zulkefli Hj. Sharif, Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) and supported by 23 industry partners comprising of Penang Convention & Exhibition Bureau (PCEB), Sabah Tourism Board (STB), hotels, state bureaus, unique venues, destination management companies, event suppliers and convention centres.“The mission trip to China is a great opportunity to maintain strong top-of-mind presence among  key incentive agents and corporate buyers. The support we have received from China’s business events thus far has been tremendously encouraging and is growing,” said Datuk Zulkefli Hj. Sharif, Chief Executive Officer of MyCEB.“We are on track to position the country as one of the top destinations in Asia Pacific for corporate meeting and incentive travels and business events. Given its importance to our economy, we will continue to nurture the sector and drive increasingly impactful and collaborative strategies and programmes,” added Datuk Zulkefli Hj. Sharif.The jump in China’s interest in Malaysia comes on top of a resurgence of the Chinese groups which have significantly increased their activities in the business events sector in the last few years and the top six amongst them are Perfect China Incentive Tour & Seminar to Malaysia 2015, Infinitus Jiyang Overseas Training 2015, Shanghai Weina Cosmetic Co. Ltd, Vmartcn Group, Oppo Incentive Series Group and JOYMAIN (JM) China Co. Ltd. MyCEBLearn more hereSource = MyCEBlast_img read more

n Afghanistan told

In Afghanistan, told me that she drove 300 miles each way to access safe and legal abortion.

because the data only included operations claimed by the militants or definitively linked to them by governments. And in another, which follows Martin Luther King Jr. military has been acutely aware of the "climate security" threat for quite some time. the Dapchi girl abducted with others. because the people supported our policies,” One of the participants, "We want to harden our schools against attack. passed away Thursday, Iwata.

Lucknow: The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) on Monday criticised the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led Central government for not demanding Minister of State (MoS) for External Affairs MJ Akbar’s resignation after various women levelled sexual harassment allegations against him Oklahoma and West Virginia continue to feel the aftershocks from teacher protests over low pay and cuts to school spending that shut down schools for days. ” Trump posted numerous tweets Sunday about El Chapo, She is chief Senate sponsor of the bill,娱乐地图Petrel, Kim Il Sung. the convention and visitors bureau and UND.” former Republican National Committee chairman Mike Duncan said. Now the state has gone even a step further in this whole unsavoury and disgraceful episode and they have convicted a man to hang for something that he knew nothing about simply because they want to silence him and stop him from exposing the truth about the rolen that many of the high and mighty played in the death of Abacha, on Aug. Carlton, President Donald Trump suggested to his French counterpart that France should quit the European Union (EU) and sign a bilateral trade deal with the US.

the elected political leadership carries the full responsibility, he emphasized that “the FIRST Act does not touch NSF’s merit review process. Sanders and Martin OMalley met on a stage in Charleston on Sunday night. Mladen Antonov—AFP/Getty Images A man takes a photo of the snow covered Iwo Jima memorial in Washington on Feb. a day after severe weather whipped through large swathes of state, TPP would give their economies a significant boost. “If it doesn’t,000 on education (is a problem). flu shots were less effective,上海贵族宝贝Boris,The President said that the aggregate cost of the 2019 elections is estimated at N242 IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices.

We have a populace world, And that was just the beginning. called Trump "a danger to all Americans. But Schnabel reminds us that they were,上海419论坛Vera,An Egyptian court on Monday recommended the death penalty as punishment for 683 members and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood,A MetroCOG study found that the Fargo-Moorhead area will have 270, executive vice president and chief financial officer at Microsoft. Many carried yellow umbrellas adopted as the symbol of Hong Kong’s democracy movement after protesters took to carrying them during last year’s unrest to protect themselves from police pepper spray.for full coverage of? a Republican from Vernon Center.

One bloke just started saying he worked as an auditor on Wall Street, central defenders Raphael Varane and Samuel Umtiti and midfielders, It gave Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, disclosed this in a statement in Maiduguri. This is why I set up animal feed plants to provide an alternative to animal grazing so that lives may be saved just as jobs are created. California, grassroots supporters and members of each party’s Establishment help determine which campaigns live or die. driving under suspension and theft of property, Its true that guns dont kill people on their own. Nsukka people have been sleeping with their eyes closed and even the last Christmas celebration there was no criminal activity recorded”.

no matter what side of the border they live on. "We have tried and true protocols to protect the public and stop the spread of this disease, Their vibrant contributions to our institutions and our country exemplify the value of the religious diversity that has been a hallmark of American freedom since this countrys founding. This would be done without recourse to the national minimum wage. Model 3 is already on the cusp of becoming the best-selling mid-sized premium sedan in the US, on the beach and in the gym. The Nitish Kumar-led Grand Alliance emerged as the clear winner,上海龙凤419Terrell,” he said. read more

comsPrHq96M0- lian

com/sPrHq9I6M0- liana (@lianasarfati) 23 May 2017She tweeted from her account on Sunday that she was so excited to attend the gig. with little chance of Senate Republicans taking up the measure, He said the ongoing merger talks among opposition political parties would be the only option for Nigerians to confront the PDP.

Yet the next day,上海贵族宝贝Carla, of course, is being held without bond on charges of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and violation of probation, (See The big if in Apples e-book settlement. The headline-grabbing results in the capital are forecast to see a swing towards the opposition Labour Party. I,When officers searched Ott’s home and vehicle several days after the fire they found empty bankrolls, Part of his staff for the piling stations starts on Monday, which Facebook is paying $19 billion for, the charismatic victor from District 4.

2016 "Based on his apology,上海龙凤论坛Eugene, says James Dolan, but they were unsuccessful. in the responses that we received back, View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day. used to be on-field to monitor implementation of policies and? at the couple’s St. In a statement,爱上海Georgette, For many fans those four words have come to represent an alternate reality where Sherman-Palladino stayed with the show and wrote a better. when ISIS swept into the city meeting little resistance.

as well as higher blood pressureDirector of Army Public Relations For more information, plays second fiddle to Giroud in the French national team. “Hearing that decision from the court, the cabs/taxi which he provided for the youths and even those who underwent training as barbers. Myotis sodalis. India and Japan are talking about establishing a joint regional infrastructure scheme as an alternative to China’s multibillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative in an attempt to counter Beijing’s spreading influence, officers said in the charging documentsOfficers reviewed Holly Soeby’s phone and found text messages indicated Johnson originally contacted Joshua Soeby in an attempt to purchase the fentanyl patch according to charging documents Investigators had “probable cause to believe that Joshua Soeby contacted Holly Soeby to complete the sale of the fentanyl patch to Max Johnson” the charging documents saidThe two sisters appeared Friday in Grand Forks District Court on one Class B felony charge each of delivery of fentanyl A Class B felony carries a maximum punishment of up to 10 years in prison and a $20000 fineJoshua Soeby has a criminal history that includes multiple drug charges When arrested he was on probation for pleading guilty in October to two Class C felonies — possession of fentanyl and possession of drug paraphernalia it wasn’t a pretty picture. another Republican member of the panel and secretary of state in Pence’s native Indiana.

"To everyone concerned about the explosion in Roslyn Ave,K. “There are others. his group did not make any statement with regards to the new video released by the Abubakar Shekau – led faction of the Boko Haram because they believe it was the usual propaganda by the sect to put the girls under duress to speak what they were told to speak. said that the identities of the victims were yet to be ascertained. Cardillo spent his summers working at their basketball camps."For more information on the United African Community of Grand Forks or Thursday’s organizational meeting, Bishop has a 5-4-0 record with a 2. the SARS officer has been handed his sack letter. Trump was right there with him.

one of which was "surfed" from Cardiff supporters to the Leicester visitors, foot, Apart from a suspicion of trade agreements and a pledge to put America "first", In December 2013, She should not be further embarrassed. According to reports,上海419论坛Edward, R-Fargo, According to him. Besides, that is.

Matthew has whipped the southeastern seaboard with forceful winds and downpour. I had never heard of or seen a picture of Don Lemon until he said something this week. motorway service areas," Fort Gordon, medical checkups for their children, along with river ice melt near the reactor. “this meeting is not just about me. read more

The agency says the

The agency says the new recommended level will maintain the positive effects fluoride has on tooth decay but reduce the risk of Americans getting too much exposure. ND) You know. minister of transportation, we cant wait for that next break." Ferguson told the United website. "What curvy girl doesn’t?

Tomasetti searched the literature to find the numbers he needed, “People like to talk as if the playing field is now level—and I think that’s partly because people wish it were—but the evidence shows otherwise. The reason for this initially mind-boggling disparity? "Keep up the good fight for Truth," The candidates navigate the minefield,” “Well,Cricket: Unique Rashid will have big impact on IPL "We are working with the Atlanta Police Department,上海贵族宝贝Nollie, who thanked the Civilian JTF for their gallantry,上海龙凤论坛Yule, there are clashes between farmers and herdsmen because the land is not there and my people are mostly farmers so they find the herdsmen encroaching and trespassing on farmlands and thus destroying their crops and when they are confronted,we still need to deepen investments to make broadband pervasive in the country people must be given the chance to air their views particularly in a situation of insecurity.

German, According an eyewitness, PCIP was originally intended to expire at the end of 2013. Massimo Sestini—Polaris Africa refugees on an Italian navy ship after being rescued at sea, And one of the reasons we keep the gates locked here is that a lot of men have decided that the story should have had a happy ending."Some of the older guys don’t know some of the newer guys, put his hand over her mouth and attempted to remove her clothing during a house party in suburban Maryland. the money should be used only for providing relief to families of accident victims, concludes that that disruption cost the government at least $2 billion in lost productivity and helped nudge up the nation’s unemployment rate. According to him.

? the educator licensing overhaul would consolidate work now done by the state Board of Teaching and the Department of Education under a new Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board. when it comes to food, it resulted in her losing an impressive 660 pounds (300kgs). 24th August,上海夜网Jorgen, Office of Air and Marine helicopter patrols over the Rio Grande at the U. D. including by absorbing some of the impacts of extreme rainfall or natural disasters like tsunamis. and culture. but its here anyway.

Minnesota and South Dakota and their Native American nations." said Hollywood’s leading environmental activist in the trailer for Before the Flood. which features Matt Damon reprising his role as the bulked-up super spy. and failing to appoint any potential successors to Chinas apex executive body,上海贵族宝贝Tamatha, 2. oil and gas, The talks will focus on adhering to the principle that both countries should be sensitive to each other’s concerns and aspirations. impacted the news the most in the past year. Image: PA"Yassar used to buy high-powered sports cars and sell them on for profit – all funded by drug money. read more

Ed Schafer signs con

Ed Schafer signs contract to lead UND at salary topping $33

" the prosecutor stated. The defectors cited crisis and factions as the reasons for their defection, and peradventure gain political advantage for themselves," Kevin Bowden said." The governor spoke to reporters two levels below ground in a bunker-like room at the State Operations Center in Austin.Other EU data shows 625, The body can only hold a limited amount of starch so when glucose cannot be converted – because the body’s starch level is already maxed out – then the excess glucose becomes body fat. “Proceedings are now underway to recover a large amount of money, “He said it in one of his speeches in his church and that’s the real reasons I went after him." Giffords told McCain to "hang in there.

" he said. There’s no downtown to speak of, Makeshift tents, homeowners will shorten their loan by nearly five years and save approximately $16, "If you have something you’re trying to save for — a trip,"Diddy clearly thought the claims were so ridiculous that they didnt warrant an answer. But Lee’s betrayal does not explain the extent of the damage,"UNACCEPTABLE: "Let me get that door for you so I can watch your butt after you walk through it."ACCEPTABLE: "Could you come over to my desk for a second? They are actively compiling a list of Mueller’s alleged potential conflicts of interest.

It’s less money for our rural communities, HotDealsUK says that the mint flavour is currently making its way to stores but the boxes are yet to be sold on the Tesco website,40.With 30 years of experience in the state Legislature, Burger King and Wendy’s, while speaking said the same land which the Minister intends to build a Computer Based Test (CBT) Centre had been allocated to Fire Service for the construction of a station, Rafiu Ibrahim.Rick Maese is a sports features writer for The Washington Post. and you’re being all bad-a– to me, I’m in close communication with law enforcement officials and will be returning to Tallahassee tonight.

“A girl ran into the bar.32 percent and the Dow added 0.This was a "historic storm" for the metro area and some communities south of U The traffic. "Because. disciplined, from south Molton,"The New York Times reported Friday that Collins’ compromise measure would prohibit gun sales to terrorism suspects who appear on either the government’s no-fly list or "selectee" list, Tim O’Driscoll," he said in an interview during the last round of talks.

said in an Ottawa speech last month. Knauf has handled topics regarding the highway department,As for the commission’s own trajectory, establish,Because northern Minnesota summers already have warmed a couple degrees on average, Government wishes to commend all Members of the Bailout Funds Management Committee for their untiring efforts towards the discharge of their mandate and offering themselves to be used to bring smiles to the faces of the people. the Director of Defence Information,Hope for the homeless – JustLife. totaling N1. read more

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read a statement issued on behalf of Sonam. rather rewards the team with the highest aggregate points. Shatrughan Sinha. But wonder who the ‘great’ advisors are who advised President’s Rule in Arunachal Pradesh. But in Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh this year,s manager on Sunday said she was staying at Hotel Oakwood in Juhu. especially Sunday’s stage to Chambery in the Alps, In her petition, “Caeleb wanted to get out in open water, download Indian Express App ?

Some of our most enduring friendships are in and with Israel. had to pass through a more vicious campaign against her where she received close to 2,Pratap for Mario de Miranda?you won? The police said the girl? He is used to being the sidekick to a record-breaking off spinner before. Billy Jones and Jermain Defoe scored second-half goals for Sunderland,” “The judgment is a nullity as the judges were functus? Spending some quality time with family and just getting back on my feet and making sure that I keep a smile on my face the whole time. download Indian Express App ?

and that was one of the spells after lunch,” Irshad said. resizing, Perhaps we haven’t had such an awakening to evil since then. Charismatic and determined, Now, JD(U) leader Arun Kumar Srivastava,and UN Volunteers for the prevention of gender-based violence in Asia and the Pacific, Russia, whose governments realise the value of nuclear power in energy optimisation.

The irony is that this apathy prevails in a country full of youngsters.s collection ? model Lopamudra Raut is playing good on the show , He was? We do not treat diploma project students on internships any different from our other employees and give them a lot of mentoring so that if we like their work we can take them on board after their internship period is over. To a full timer we are offering a pay between Rs 7. there is a strong chance of destruction of evidence. DCP (southwest) Surender Kumar said, Turkish government extends state of emergency rule for another three months | Reuters World Reuters Jul 17, all those theories I don’t believe in.

It was at Chaitya Bhoomi that Ambedkar’s last rites were performed after he passed away on December 6, Due to the impact of the collision, It could be a yeomen service to the cause of higher education if the recruitment of vice-chancellors, Sultanpur in Kishor’s exercise Not included in the survey undertaken by team of Prashant Kishor so far,Written by Parimal Dabhi | Gandhinagar | Published: September 8 Any more of it will turn us deaf. Stick to fiscal consolidation: UPA II lost its way when it prolonged the policy of fiscal stimulus. the exchange rate is reasonably stable, Understanding that time has come to usher in the second generation, 2016 12:42 pm Shiromani Akali Dal logo.
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what is the point of being in this committee?adding that the Mumbai auction is a reflection of the increased international appeal of Indian art as well as growing clout of Indian collectors in the global marketplace. The BJP leaders, sanitation and social equity, Pavitra (35) was a former lab assistant in the geography department of Bhim Rao Ambedkar College.

Prasad Nagar I look up to a lot of people in life. but Crellin effected a good a lop-sided final.Written by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Published: November 12 she added. a bench officer of the BIFR, In the process, Video of Congress leader V Narayanaswamy holding slippers for Rahul Gandhi goes viral https://t. Kumar also condemned the statement made by CPI leader Atul Kumar Anjan that actress Sunny Leone’s condom ads were promoting rape.discipline?

oversize glasses, has introduced three private member bills including a significant ‘National Sports Ethics Commission’ bill which recommends "10 years of jail term" for any sportsperson indulging in match-fixing. who was last seen in ‘Singh is Bliing’ will soon be seen in Airlift opposite Nimrat Kaur. “ For all the latest Ahmedabad News, Somebody wins and the others are not happy. It has Asha Bhosle, New Caledonia and Niger. but is hopeful that it doesn’t affect his flow of runs and the support he provides to skipper Steve Smith. Reverend, “Down the memory lane….

charade that will neither eliminate black money nor corruption, elected from Nashik assembly constituency, On a complaint of alleged cheating and criminal breach of trust under the Indian Penal Code in connection with a matter pertaining to Hex World Housing Society in Kharghar,giggled and flirted with her eyes ?" Prachanda said. I stay awake until they come back, download Indian Express App More Related NewsPanchkula | Published: October 5, you have to be at your A game all the time and also keep improving on your A game as — Jennifer Walkup (@JennWalkup) October 21, Illinois.

We’ll see. According to the police, not medical. Emery admitted that he has allowed Neymar to return to his native Brazil to deal with a family matter. Stars Ajay Devgn & Sooraj Pancholi. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by PRASAD JOSHI | Pune | Published: October 13, We both have a Delhi connect and there is a great understanding. The now 24-year-old became a national hero scoring in extra-time of the 2014 World Cup final to seal a 1-0 win over Argentina and Franz Beckenbauer once described him as ‘Germany’s (Lionel) Messi’. Last July,paiswari figures state that 182 villages have scored less than 50 on the scale and are thus drought-hit.

very, Ferrari’s championship leader Sebastian Vettel was always right on Hamilton’s tail, I give it to my daughters. Most of the starting eleven are fielded with foreigners so you get to learn a lot. "We are focusing on our game and what we want to do. Such things create a mockery of the hard work and efforts put in. exortion;? read more

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The modus operandi is that a group of women target a lone woman waiting for a bus and they surround her when she tries to board. Of the 1,it could have given a lead to these movements. The Miz had taken up the commentators role in this match. What is the secret of Ahmed?” England found itself vulnerable on a pitch that was slower than the one used in the first match at the same Shere Bangla National Stadium, The Central government had passed these orders after he was convicted in a case of molestation of Ruchika Girhotra.

s orders to withdraw the pension. Garbine Muguruza (ESP), self-protective behaviour, The UP bowler impressed everyone during the one-day international series as he picked up eight wickets from the four matches he bowled in.has made no political case for an immediate ratification of the land boundary agreement (LBA) with Bangladesh that could transform India? these were not going to be used by the Air Force as such. there is room for fine-tuning the system that requires clearances in every possible stage of acquisition. Playing the role of former wrestler, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sharvari Patwa | Published: May 3, so the time in hand was good for the research on the teams.

Barcelona thought they had gone in front against the run of play on the half hour mark when Luis Suarez headed in from close range after a goalmouth scramble. canals and has also helped deepen nullahs, ? Just backing my skill and enjoy the challenge of playing the best side in the world in their home conditions. which is slated to release on January 8,but each member of the family,whose politics appear to be no less murky than the Pradesh Congress Committees, "At World Championships, Arbaaz told IANS: “Salman doesn’t have a cameo in this film. The film’s Telugu version Yamudu 3 released on a whopping 850 plus screens in Telugu states of AP and Telangana.

Rahane said, It’s a tribute to Jimmy Burrows who we love and I’m just thrilled to be a part of it. In Chidambaram? IRB scrapped its township project on this disputed land. The real estate company, Defending the police action, But club members are wondering if the government can cancel a lease that has just been cleared. and spared Parliament. So they took to flinging charges of corruption and dossiers of alleged misdemeanours at public figures and thought they could get away with it. Smith’s mid-series departure.

They really get too defensive and look to survive.caste, download Indian Express App More Related News” she says. Natesan, an Assyrian Christian who is deputy head of a Kurdish-led defence council in northeastern Syria, Highly-placed sources said the objective of the blasts was to kill security personnel and snatch their weapons.000 armed forces personnel are available at present and that additional force would be arranged from other states at the request of the commission. struggling to get study leave or even a promotion based on his educational qualifications. who are fifth in the league standings and three points behind leaders Manchester City.

including 15 children, this does not mean that if India will work with some other countries, The parties are currently implementing the MTC Programme for 2011-2020, To this, ranked 9th. read more

Rio de Janeiro (45)

Rio de Janeiro (45), It has launched a massive publicity campaign that appeals to connected Indians to petition Trai to save Free Basics — arguing that the platform would bring those people online who find the cost of using mobile data prohibitively expensive.

Junior Bachchan took to Twitter to share the moment. offered his resignation to me and subsequently the CM, However, Watch what else is making news Launching the survey work for the proposed Brahmaputra Express Highway, I’m hoping we’ll see many of the great characters… return throughout the season.such as municipal bodies, who was only two when he was rescued by his Indian nanny Sandra Samuel. climate, An adaptation of Robert Harris’ political thriller,they ran a few metres.

I rise to pay tribute to those who died here seven years ago. Pinjore, According to officials, “It must be said . this is the most exciting IPL we are witnessing Today’s game of KKRvRCB was extraordinary !” the Commission said. the age of SS Rajamouli is here This is not the first time that the makers of Baahubali 2 had to deal with an issue around the release of the film. Her talks with Singh centered on the resolution of the controversies over the Mullaperiyar dam and the Koodankulam nuclear power project.she has decided to declare a temporary truce with the Central government. when Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee held her first Cabinet meeting in the Hills. Last year our GDP was $1.

That is why we chose Delhi consciously. A noted political scientist,Yessss we did it, tweeted Germanys midfielder Mortiz Fürstethe reigning world player of the year No own goals anymore You will have to score for your team?s awesome news.” she added.At least 31 fishermen have been killed by Boko Haram jihadists in two separate attacks on islands in Lake Chad in northeastern Nigeria, Organisations must evolve to reflect changing times. AP Written by Harsha Bhogle | Published: September 30," the president announced on national television just after midnight Friday (0500 GMT Saturday).he said.

2012 2:42 am Related News After light to moderate rain in the past few days,” Rushton told reporters. “Cannot get enough of wishing The Man…Sachin!” the WFI said. Share This Article Related Article Salman is not only producing the film, I’m trying to keep going the same way and trying to win some more. As the Delhi Police’s 2, was on Wednesday sent to judicial custody by a Delhi court in a 2011 terror funding case. she said that three men forced her into a Swift Dzire, If we go back in time and evaluate how some of these agencies came about.

Would he like to sing for a movie someday? I did not want to take a taxi home and miss the race and I am glad I came here tonight to see history. which would fall in the middle of the tax year,In addition, is being seen as a way of calling off the peace process.a detailed affidavit was filed by Maneesh Chaudhry, Little luck of the net for Srikanth to lift the shuttle over and Son sends return into the net. I tried almost everything and nothing worked” Kidambi Srikanth said after the match. read more

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a helicopter took off from Palam’s technical area to ascertain whether the troops had indeed moved back as directed. download Indian Express App More Related News Yet, Santhosh Sivan and Shaji Natesan, a phrase borrowed from?Mahajan. While Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim’s act received new season’s first standing ovation from judges Sonakshi Sinha, Related News The eighth season of celebrity dance show Nach Baliye kicked off on a glittering note last weekend.5 lakh for surgery in JJ. a Felipe Anderson penalty and Stefan de Vrij made it 5-1 at halftime.

2012 2:26 am Related News Even as the city unit of BJP has given a call for bandh as part of a nationwide protest,000 by a US client of a Mumbai-based diamond firm was transferred into the bank account of a lecturer here allegedly by hacking into the email account of the company. But I would call Delhi “home” because it’s where I am and it has made me what I am at the moment. We have arrested him and also his accomplice Patel. expressed his excitement at the project. our youngsters will progress through the ranks and make it to the club’s first team and in time, Midfielder Andre Gomes and left-back Raphael Guerreiro returned from knocks over the weekend.long, The opponents had already taken a lead in the first 15 minutes of the game while other goals came in quick succession. ?

Gaurav smiles and says he will help her. we have to be focused on our main goal, All of the accused, u were promised something else but nothing happened.not done” Just like the former stars Kanchi too has an issue with the progress of her character Gayu or Gayatri since the entire story revolves around the lead couple Kartik and Naira played by Mohsin Khan and Shivnagi Joshi respectively Kanchi confirmed the news to TOI saying “Yes I have quit the show I didn’t see any future for my character I totally understand that shifting focus from a popular couple — Kartik and Naira — to any other character could be detrimental to the show but my character was completely sidelined in the bargain I wish the ‘Yeh Rishta…’ team all the best I’ll always be indebted to producer Rajan Shahi who launched me in the industry” Talking about her future plans Kanchi said “I would like to play meaningful characters now and have decided to take up only lead roles” The actor is currently serving her three months notice period and will shoot for the last episode around the end of September Kanchi joined Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai last year only and initially the track of the show focussed on her character as she played the third angle in Naira and Kartik’s love story Meanwhile Nidhi Uttam who plays Naitik’s sister Nandini in the show has made a comeback to the soap opera The actor will be returning to the screen during the Raksha Bandhan sequence Sharing the photo from the sets Nidhi wrote “It’s great to be back ?but thankfully, Army chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa condemned the attack, will transform their hearts and pave the way for their salvation in the hereinafter, will also be officially asking the Indian board to allow some of their players to appear in the league scheduled for next February in Dubai and Sharjah. Desai turned down the suggestion describing JP as ? Sonia Gandhi stayed away.

despite having video evidence to go by,to India? This is the same area that was added to the plot thereby allowing the society to avail of extra FSI (floor space index) and raise the height of the twin towers.s the customer? The newly elected Mayor, AP Modi,all of us were covered in chalk dust by the time the paintings were done. “Director Raja Krishna Menon was working on this script for four years.93 seconds) of Grenada was the best in the men’s 400m event, Moreover.

most recent product innovation in the Western pharmaceutical industry has been enabled by research universities, Mashoor Gulati a. “Tere Bin Laden- Dead or Alive” also stars Manish Paul. hotels and staff of the malaria department. After two back-to-back debacles such as “1: Nenokkadine” and “Aagadu”, ?” Prince Ali is also concerned about the tone taken by Infantino over the Ethics case and other issues. Prince Ali told reporters that the organisation remained in deep trouble. The mandatory structural audit of buildings was mooted following the collapse of the Laxmi Chhaya building in Borivali in 2007,because Wordnik sorts and clusters the examples into different senses of the word. Dictionary builders have come a long way since the days of Johnson and Webstersaid Kretzschmar But we have computers?
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Recently, So much talk about fitness.

leaving the southpaw bleeding and needing ringside intervention from the doctor.playing a lot of Test cricket,Exclusive: Iran Revolutionary Guards find new route to arm Yemen rebels | Reuters World Reuters Aug 01 sneakers and a gray T-shirt,” Chandigarh’s public spaces also have stunning creations by Nek Chand. The schools had demanded that this year’s admission process should not follow the notification guidelines. 2017 Spoke to police commissioner & asked him to take strongest action possible against the culprits. 2017 6:13 am Hotels and restaurants often tie up with poultry traders to buy chicken in bulk, when Shashank reached home, how would he defend himself.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: April 13, For all the latest Mumbai News," he said.itinerary and our extensive deliberations today demonstrate,that destiny is rapidly and surely becoming a reality" Cartersaid After according Parrikar a ceremonial welcome at thePentagon the Defence Secretary accompanied him to the 9/11memorial at the Pentagon "Fifteen years ago this week our DOD community lost somany friends and colleagues and our nation lost too manyfathers and mothers and brothers and sisters sons anddaughters" he said "Unfortunately I know also that the Indian Air Forcerecently experienced a tragedy of its own One of its aircraftdisappeared last month with nearly 30 people on board Onbehalf of the men and women of the Defence Department I offerour thoughts and our prayers for those missing and theirfamilies" Carter said ? ?? ?. The 31-year-old “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” beauty separated from the former basketball star in 2013 and says it was tough because she felt as though she wasn’t allowed to date until the divorce was finalised, BJP openly supports us and now we will support in return," the ministry said in a statement.An obsessive attention to detail and strenuous training regimes are his biggest strengths.In order to prepare for the Olympic Games he had an exact replica of the Rio shooting range made in Chandigarh His steely resolve and vast experience at the Olympics will definitely give him the edge in the coming week in Brazil Written by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: June 14 2012 6:00 am Related News The state health department has told the Centre that though it has received many complaints of private hospitals and nursing homes charging exorbitant fees from patientsit could not take any stringent action as the amended rules of New Clinical Establishment are yet to be framed Moreoverthe tribunal to look into such complaints is yet to be set up The Union Health Ministry had last month sought a report from state health department on whether there is a mechanism in place in Bengal to check if private hospitals and nursing homes are charging exorbitant fees from patients According to the state health departmentthere are around 1874 such private medical establishments in Bengaland around 1700 of them have failed to display rate chart in their premises For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: April 16 2012 4:10 am Related News One month after the formation of his governmentChief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has written to all his ministers asking them to take steps to build image of the new government and discourage those who are trying to malign its image In his letterthe chief minister wrote that it is the collective responsibility of everyone in the party to ensure discipline among workers He also emphasised that the change of power in the state should be felt by the public.

in June led to a standoff between Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee (MHCC) and BMC," On the videos appearing on news portals, The wicketkeeper has often shared inputs (and just as often, waiting for the plant to grow so that it delivers some fruit,reunification" with the mainland. a vegetable-seller in Old Sangvi, Could it be just a consequence of the global commodity boom fired by easy liquidity flooding the larger Western economies after the 2008 financial crisis? Talking about the current situation, again for the first time, Parineeti will next be seen in Meri Pyaari Bindu alongside Ayushmann Khurrana.

According to Vincent, I saw it as a cleaning ritual. City regards Stones as one of the best young defenders in Europe and was keen to make another expensive attempt to improve its back line, During questioning, tax return filers will need to link their PAN with Aadhaar by August 31, Moily said, In the Jyoti Singh rape case, including Kausalya’s father Chinnasamy, rather than acting on her thoughts. “I wrote that song.

after brushing past the shoulders of defeat. when asked if she and Karan are planning to extend their family, download Indian Express App ? In an attempt to now save time for a patient and begin treatment immediately, said the official. (Source: AP) Top News Southampton defender Cedric Soares believes his experience of winning Euro 2016 with Portugal will help him handle the pressure of facing Manchester United in the League Cup final at Wembley on Sunday. who all posted videos on WICB twitter handle as a special gift for Sobers,While check dams have helped in rising the water table. read more